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Success Stories

Four different students, one great fit
The Lederhaus quads were an enormous challenge, each totally different from the other, yet so bonded that they couldn’t imagine being separated in college. Toby’s task was to find the one school that would meet the needs of these four unique kids: the leader, the artist, the hippie, and the peacemaker. UC Santa Barbara had it all with the breadth and depth of its academics combined with a diverse social scene. They’re growing as individuals, yet still “Team Lederhaus”.

An open-mind leads to a perfect match
Sara Liebovici didn’t want to hear about an all women’s college but, fortunately, she was open-minded about looking into good nursing programs, wherever they might be. When she agreed to fly to Boston just to “take a look” at Simmons College, Toby was optimistic. Sara came home enthralled saying she couldn’t believe it, she’d had “too much fun for it to be an all girls’ school.” Meeting a good-looking Harvard boy on the shuttle back to the airport didn’t hurt either!

A dream becomes a reality
Todd Glickman was struggling with his final decision. He had been accepted directly, as an incoming freshman, to the business program of a top university. But his real dream school was the University of Wisconsin, with no guarantee of acceptance into the business program as a junior. Toby reminded Todd that his hard work in high school had paid off with strong college acceptances, there was no reason to think his college experience would be any less successful. Todd took the risk, loves Wisconsin, and will be entering the business program as a junior this fall.