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Why Use a College Counselor

Choosing a college is a decision most people only make once in a lifetime, and while selecting the right college can be tremendously rewarding, wrong choices can have serious repercussions. Thatís why it makes sense to go to someone who knows the options, qualifying procedures, intricacies, and steps required to college selection and acceptance.

Professional educational consultants provide just that. These credentialed professionals not only have college counseling training but also stay actively in touch with hundreds of colleges across the country. Their expertise lies in analyzing each studentís record as well as their personality, and working to determine which colleges will best fit the interests, needs, and aspirations of the individual.

When properly done, college counseling increases the chances for getting into the best school for the applicant. It also decreases application costs, alleviates anxiety, and provides peace of mind through an otherwise pressure-filled time. Most importantly, it helps students recognize their educational options and achieve their educational goals.

Because educational consultants cannot accept any compensation from schools at any level, they remain free from bias. Their fees come strictly from private paying clients whose interests they bear exclusively in mind.